LuvIt Chocorich Assorted Eclairs Hazelnut, Dark Choco, Chocolate Eclairs Candies - Pack of 8 pieces

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  • Indulge in the rich and delicious flavors of LuvIt's Chocorich Assorted Eclairs - the best chocolate eclairs in India
  • In flavours chocolate hazelnut, dark choco and milk chocolate.. they are made with Real Hazelnut Paste and Cocoa to provide you with the best out-of-the world taste experience
  • Bigger eclairs for a more indulging experience. Each eclair is 8 gm in size, giving you more chocolaty goodness in every biteThese soft and creamy eclairs offer a burst of chocolaty goodness with every bite
  • Each eclair is made with the finest ingredients

8 candies per pack.