Whoppers Mini Robin Eggs 4oz Carton

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Make lasting memories with the help of this tasty treat! These kosher certified WHOPPERS Robin Eggs Minis candies are a classic for a reason. Delightfully crisp malted milk candies in speckled pastel shells have the crunch and flavor everyone hopes to find in their Easter baskets and on their Easter morning egg hunts. If you're preparing Easter baskets for family or friends this spring, look no further for the perfect Easter candy treat. Plus, it's a great gift to give this spring with its colorful seasonal-themed carton that will put anyone in the springtime spirit.

Dextrose; Sugar; Corn Syrup Solids; Whey (Milk); Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil; Palm Kernel Oil; Corn Syrup; Cocoa; Malted Milk [Barley Malt; Wheat Flour; Milk; Salt; Baking Soda]; Tapioca Dextrin: Artificial Color [Blue 1 Lake; Red 40 Lake; Yellow 5 Lake]; Sorbitan Tristearate; Lecithin (Soy): Salt; Artificial Flavor; Calcium Carbonate; Carnauba Wax.