Hanuta Cocoa & Crispies Limited Edition - 22g

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The popular Hanuta slice is available for a short time with a different flavor. Hanuta Cocoa & Crispies offers cocoa cream refined with small Crispie pieces between the two familiar crispy wafers. A flavor variation that you should try.

Sugar, palm oil, FULL MILK POWDER (18 %), WHEAT FLOUR (12,5 %), cocoa crisp 5,5 % (WHEAT FLOUR, sugar, low-fat cocoa (22,5 %), LOW-FAT MILK POWDER, salt, vanillin, raising agent ammonium bicarbonate), low-fat cocoa (5.5%), hazelnuts, LOW-FAT MILK POWDER, emulsifier lecithin (SOYA), salt, raising agent sodium bicarbonate, Vanillin.