Haribo Liquorice Parade Mix with Liquorice Confectionery and Dragees 175g

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Haribo Licorice Parade Blend with Licorice Confection and Dragees 175g. The Liquorice Parade from Haribo combines delicious varieties such as relays, confectionery sticks, liquorice snails, and crazy pacifiers with delicious fruit gums. Get involved in this exciting mix and try salty and sweet and coated and spicy treats. Haribo Liquorice Parade Mix with Liquorice Confectionery and Dragees.

Ingredients: Glucose syrup; brown sugar syrup; Sugar; WHEAT FLOUR; Starch; licorice extract (3% in liquorice content); Aroma; Table salt; LACTOSE; Dextrose; Coconut; SKIMMED MILK POWDER; Palm butter; acidifier: citric acid; Gelatine; Fruit and plant concentrates: safflower, apple, carrot, beetroot, bell pepper, lemon, spirulina, hibiscus, tomato, pumpkin, elderberry, orange, blackcurrant, mango, passion fruit, chokeberry, grape; Dye: titanium dioxide; Glazing agents: white and yellow beeswax, carnauba wax; elderberry extract; caramel syrup; Invert sugar syrup