Haribo Sali Kritz Liquorice Dragees Multiple Assorted Soft 160g

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A highlight for liquorice lovers. Haribo Sali-Kritz are sugar-coated, approx. 3 cm large licorice diamonds with a soft licorice core. Eat the Sali-Kritz very slowly to enjoy all the layers individually or chew both together. The crunchy shell is not only colourful, it even tastes like pineapple, strawberry, raspberry, juicy orange or lemon.

Ingredients: sugar; Glucose syrup; Starch; brown sugar syrup; Aroma; licorice extract (3% in liquorice content); Table salt; Gelatine; Sunflower oil; fruit and plant concentrates: safflower, carrot, spirulina, lemon, hibiscus, apple; acidifier: citric acid; Glazing agent: white and yellow beeswax. May contain traces of MILK, WHEAT.