HUBBA BUBBA Minis SKITTLES Flavored Sugarfree Bubble Gum - 40 Count

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Looks like gum. Tastes like SKITTLES. Brace yourself for a flavor filled journey through the clouds with NEW HUBBA BUBBA Mini Bubble Gum, featuring the iconic flavors of SKITTLES. That's right! Each bite sized chew is bursting with grape, lemon, orange, strawberry, and lime flavors.This resealable bottle of HUBBA BUBBA Mini Gum makes it easy for you to take anywhere and share. Keep a bottle in the car while road-tripping or in your bag while running errands with the family.Blow your friends away at your next movie night when you pass around HUBBA BUBBA Mini Gum. Bubble blowing contest anyone?HUBBA BUBBA and SKITTLES fruit flavors are a match made in the clouds. Don't miss out on the fun—add our HUBBA BUBBA Mini Gum Resealable Container to your cart today and get chewing!