Knoppers Goodies Waffle Balls Filled Milk and Nougat Cream 180g

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The Storck Knoppers goodies are a seductive sweet that offers the popular taste of the classic Knoppers waffles in a new, spherical shape. These crispy waffle balls are filled with a creamy mixture of milk and nougat cream and coated in delicate chocolate, making them an irresistible snack for any occasion. The 180g pack is ideal for sharing with friends and family or enjoying a sweet moment for yourself.


  • Crispy waffle balls: The light and airy waffle offers the perfect crunch that, together with the filling, creates an extraordinary taste experience.

  • Creamy filling: A harmonious combination of milk and nougat cream creates a sweet, rich filling that makes every bite a treat.

  • Chocolate Coating: Each waffle ball is coated in the finest chocolate, which rounds off the taste and provides an extra layer of flavor.

  • Practical packaging: The 180g pack contains several waffle balls that are individually wrapped to guarantee freshness and make them ideal for on the go or as a sweet surprise on various occasions.

Ingredients: Sugar, WHOLE MILK POWDER (12%), cocoa butter, vegetable fats (palm, shea), WHEAT FLOUR, cocoa mass, SKIMMED MILK POWDER (6.1%), HAZELNUTS (3.8%), BUTTERMILK POWDER,
LACTOSE, CLARIFIED BUTTERFAT, cocoa, emulsifier lecithins (SOYA), salt, flavourings, skimmed cocoa, caramel sugar syrup, raising agent sodium bicarbonate, ground PEANUTS. May also contain ALMOND, OTHER NUTS and EGG.