Maoam Firecracker Lime Mixx Intense Lime Flavor 200g

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The Haribo Maoam Kracher Lime Mixx in the 200g pack offer a refreshing and citrusy variation of the popular Maoam chewy candies. This special edition is characterized by its intense lime flavor, which can be found in every single chewy candy. The candies are also provided with a tangy effervescent filling, which provides a sparkling taste experience and perfectly complements the sweet and sour lime taste.


  • Intense lime flavor: Each chewy candy offers a bold and authentic lime flavor that will delight citrus lovers.
  • Sparkling effervescent filling: The filling of the candies is provided with a fizz that leaves a pleasant tingling sensation on the tongue when chewed.
  • Soft consistency: As usual with Maoam, the chews are soft and pleasant to chew, making them a lasting treat.
  • Practical packaging: The 200g pack is richly filled and ideal for parties, movie nights or as a reward in between.
  • Versatile snack: These candies are not only a great snack for children, but also for adults who have a penchant for sweet and sour sweets.

Ingredients: Sugar; Glucose syrup; Palm butter; humectant: sorbitol syrup; Acidifier: citric acid; Gelatine; Aroma; Fruit and plant concentrates: safflower, carrot, radish, lemon, spirulina, blackcurrant; acidity regulator: sodium bicarbonate; Sunflower oil; Glazing agent: beeswax white and yellow; Anti-caking agent: talc.